WOODHAUS. We Start and Finish the Job to Perfection!

Nothing adds to the warmth, charm or beauty of an environment like wood! Whether your goal is to have strong structural support or if your focus is on enhancing your space, when you choose Woodhaus, Inc., for your millwork requirements, you are choosing the finest workmanship and expertise.

Not only is our technology advanced and progressive, but our craftsmen know how to bring out the best from every piece of wood.

At every stage of a project, we strive to reflect and represent a company’s image accurately.

As a commercial architectural millwork company, we pride ourselves on improving the methods used when carrying out our trade.

We realize that getting a millwork project completed is only one aspect of a project; the real goal is fully satisfying our clients during the hectic pace of a commercial millwork endeavor. It is for that reason that nothing takes precedence over successfully accomplishing a project on time and with full satisfaction to our clients.

Our designs never lack individuality for we make sure each space is unparalleled. As far as we’re concerned, there is no competition

If you are in the market for a custom architectural millwork design, whether your space is a corporate office, medical facility, restaurant design or any other commercial space, we at Woodhaus, Inc. will -tailor a design specifically to your needs.

Competitively bidding on commercial projects of any size, Woodhaus provides its clients with the finest quality and service at competitive rates. We craft incredibly beautiful spaces, regardless of the size or environment.

We transform any space through exquisite millwork designs that inspire innovation, beauty and improvement.

Whether your space is large or small, we are committed to your satisfaction! From start to finish, Woodhaus works meticulously to reflect a company’s culture by putting it in the best light. Please browse through our site to see some of our millwork projects and then contact us for additional details. Feel free to contact us at 972-245-8117or via email at admin@woodhausinc.com to learn more about our services. If you have any questions, please call us so that we can determine your needs.