About Us

Woodhaus, Inc. is a well established architectural millwork company that has been serving the commercial millwork needs of the greater Texas community since 2002.   Founded by two committed craftsman, namely Jeff Dale and Robbie Hesselbacher, the two have a combined history of 50 plus years in the architectural millwork industry.  As demonstration to their success, Woodhaus, Inc. goes above and beyond millwork projects by providing factory manufacturing, factory finishing, finish carpentry, and installation of Architectural millwork.

Presently, Woodhaus, Inc. employs 100 craftsmen, installers and finishers who take great pride in providing high quality work and efficient delivery.  As subcontractors, Woodhaus focuses primarily on commercial projects with its center of attention on an array of industries including high rise office space, corporate headquarters, retail space, medical facilities, hotels, spas, law offices, restaurants, sport facilities and more. 

Working in close collaboration with commercial general contractors, Woodhaus, Inc. is well known for its expertise in custom design having successfully furnished, finished and installed millwork for countless commercial projects.  With an eye for detail and a genuine passion for their craft, the team of craftsmen, three project managers and ten field supervisors, thrive on tasteful elegance, fine millwork and fabulously finished products. 

Woodhaus, Inc. has earned a reputation for accommodating some of the most difficult projects with nearly impossible schedules.  Competitively bidding on commercial projects of any size, Woodhaus is known for the finest quality and service at competitive rates.  The goal of Woodhaus, Inc. is always to help clients avoid unnecessary hours and stress, making sure every project comes to a productive and successful finish.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our services. If you have any questions, feel free to call us so that we can determine your needs.