Woodhaus, Inc. is very conscious and aware of the importance of having a safe environment.  We make it our goal to assure every construction site always addresses the highest form of safety.  To that end, we do everything in our power to cultivate a safe culture, thus assuring that injuries do not occur on any of our construction sites and that no one is ever put in harm’s way.

Over the years, we have worked diligently to make sure our millwork craftsmen are aware of how to maintain safety.   We enforce rules and regulations that observe what might cause unsafe measures and these include distractions, over extended hours, and taking short cuts.  These types of behaviors are never tolerated and are discouraged at all times.  Woodhaus, Inc. spends a lot of time on educating and training its workers to be sure safety and safe behavior is enforced.

Each member of our team goes through extensive training in regard to what the job entails from start to finish and what is expected. To our way of thinking, a safe culture is the most important aspect of any project.  We therefore take quality, risk management and safety management very seriously, making sure we achieve workplace safety excellence. 

Numerous policies and procedures are in place at each job site.   Furthermore, each craftsman is constantly reminded of the importance of making safety a critical priority.   In addition, each member of our team must take personal responsibility for themselves and their fellow workers to be sure that no one behaves in an unsafe manner.  If any worker sees unsafe behavior, they must call it to the attention of project management or project supervisors.

Using education, training and constant communication has definitely proven to help the craftsmen and workers become more aware of the importance of meeting and exceeding construction guidelines.